About Kevin

Kevin Treaccar is a storyteller currently working as a copywriter at Publicis Hawkeye in Dallas, writing for brands such as Terminix, Disney Rewards, Zoës Kitchen and more. He studied Advertising at the University of Texas at Austin and Copywriting at the Creative Circus in Atlanta.

Kevin is a member of SCBWI. He lives with his wife, son and dog in Dallas, Texas. He never misses a Texas Rangers game.

Author Bio

Kevin Treaccar has been a superhero, a spy, an outer space cowboy and more. Today, he’s a children’s author, writing and illustrating stories that send kids on adventures.

Why Adventures?

Adventure stories are more than escape. They’re avenues to stretch imagination, exploring outward and inward.

I am grateful to all of the authors who have sent me on adventures. I want to continue the favor and help send children on adventures of their own.


how do you pronounce your last name?

Tree-Acre. Like an acre of trees.

If you’re curious, it’s Italian “American-ized” by Germans. Yes, 3 languages in one name. If you’re not curious, I hope you skipped this paragraph.

how do you find/choose your stories?

I’m all about characters. I love characters with a purpose.

When I’m trying to think up a new character to play with, I cover the wall with characters, challenges and what’s driving them. I do that until someone gets me excited.

And when I can boil an exciting character and his or her story down to one sentence, I have no choice but to get started.


For sure.

author photos

Photography by Robbie Aleman.