a Science fiction spy thriller


After a long drawn-out galactic war, peace has endured for nearly fifteen years. The oppressive Authority is gone and the Alliance maintains order. But the galaxy is a big place. And its continued peace now falls on the shoulders of one man.

Just like every other remote casino colony on an outlying planet, the beautiful Sunset Colony is full of criminals, cheats, hired guns and more hiding from Alliance supervision. And now Agent Harley WahNoohi is missing from his outpost there.

The Alliance sends Agent Ryan Raines to investigate. The spy has no choice but to enlist the help of locals, knowing full well any of them could be behind WahNoohi’s disappearance and want him dead.

The clock is ticking. Raines needs to find his fellow agent – or find out what happened to him. And he needs to find out why before it’s too late to stop any possible plot WahNoohi stumbled upon.

Cover designed by Cecil-Marie McGregor

Cover designed by Cecil-Marie McGregor



“Move over captain kirk, james bond, and anakin skywalker, there is a new science fiction hero in town and his name is agent ryan raines. no gods in my galaxy has elements from a james bond novel, a star trek science fiction feel, and star wars-worthy scenes.”

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Alliance field agent Harley WahNoohi stood frozen at the center of his cabin. His blue skin crawled with goose bumps. Even the black hair on top of his head tingled.

He stared into the eyes of the android standing in his doorway and knew it was sent to kill him. There was no face on the android. No nose. No mouth. No hair. Just a blank Caucasian skull with two white slits for eyes. But Harley could read that it wanted to kill him. After what he had seen – after whom he had seen – he knew too much.

The android stood about six feet, four inches – a couple inches taller than the humanoid Xavian sent from Earth. The android wore a nondescript and tight gray shirt with black pants and boots. The clothes did nothing to hide the physique a male Olympic swimmer would dream of. The spy could see the synthetic muscles flexing. He did not need his imagination to see how quickly and easily the android could break his humanoid body if it overpowered him.

WahNoohi’s right hand darted to his left side just under his armpit. It only found an empty shoulder holster. The Xavian cursed as he remembered tossing his gun onto the bed when he walked into the cabin moments ago. He had been focused on radioing his discovery home – he had never noticed that he had been spotted and followed.

The spy peeked at his bed to his immediate left and confirmed his pistol was resting at the center of it, five feet away from him.

Yelling to draw attention to his cabin was not an option, thought the Xavian. He had chosen a cabin outside Sunset Colony for the remoteness. WahNoohi had been sent to Palmus to observe and ensure nothing was afoot on the planet seeing as it was outside of the Alliance’s jurisdiction. While most spies preferred to blend in by standing out – to hide by standing in the open – Harley preferred to operate in the shadows. That preference had never backfired before today.

The Xavian’s eyes shifted from the pistol lying on the navy blue bed spread to the gun holstered on the android’s hip. Any movement on his part and all the android had to do was draw and fire. Still, he had to put up a fight. He would not go down without one.

WahNoohi dove for his gun. In slow motion, he watched the gap between him and his gun shrink. At the same time, though, he noticed the gap between him and the android shrink faster. As his hand neared his gun, one question popped in his head – why was the android coming towards him rather than shooting?

Just as WahNoohi reached the gun and wrapped his fingers around the grip, he felt two arms wrap around his torso. The spy felt all of his forward momentum halt and found himself flying sideways. He flew off of the bed and crashed into the floor. He felt like he had been hit by a truck.

The android had slid over the top of and past WahNoohi when they hit the ground. With the air knocked out of his lungs, the spy was unable to immediately climb to his feet. As he lay still, he was surprised to see the gun still in his right hand.

The android did not need a break. It jumped to its feet, turned around, grabbed the spy and lifted him over its head. WahNoohi was thrown through the air and smashed through a wooden dresser on the far side of the cabin from the front door. The dresser split into pieces, all of which the spy crashed down onto after the wall stopped his flight.

WahNoohi’s body roared with pain. A panel of wood awkwardly dug into his back as another had cut the left side of his head, just above his ear. Still, he climbed to his feet and faced the approaching android.

As the android reached out to grab the spy again, WahNoohi punched its stomach as hard as he could. The hit did not faze the android at all – and it left his hand throbbing.

The android gripped WahNoohi by the neck, lifted the Xavian off of the ground and slammed him into the wall. WahNoohi’s head bounced off the wall.

Again, the android slammed the Xavian into the wall. WahNoohi could feel the wall give way. Again, his head bounced off the wall.

WahNoohi’s head ached. The room was spinning.

The Xavian saw no way out. The android was too strong for him, he thought. Then an idea popped in his head – advice he had received while camping as a child.

The third time the android slammed him into the wall, the spy let his body go limp.

As the android pulled WahNoohi’s body away from the wall again and prepared for another slam, it noticed the lifeless body. It dropped the spy to the ground and turned around.

The Xavian could not believe his idea had worked. In fact, he did not believe it had worked until he heard the android’s footsteps moving across the cabin towards the front door.

With the android across the cabin from him, WahNoohi peeked his eyes open and saw his gun lying only a few feet away. When he heard the front door click shut, the spy jumped onto all fours and scrambled for the gun.

The android whipped around immediately and sprinted directly at the agent.

WahNoohi was already staring at the android when he grabbed the gun. The Xavian swung his arm over and pointed the gun directly at the android that had already covered much of the distance between the spy and itself.

The spy focused on the android’s chest and fired two shots before the android crashed into him. Neither laser blast fazed it.

The android straddled WahNoohi, who found the position inescapable. He attempted dodge a punch from the android aimed at his face, but its fist still caught the back of his skull. The pain was too much and forced WahNoohi to squeeze his eyes shut. He fired blindly in the direction of the android hoping to cause damage before it punched again.

The laser blasts only drew the android’s attention to the gun.

With its right knee buried in the spy’s chest – pinning the spy to the ground – the android went to work on WahNoohi’s right arm holding the gun. It grabbed his wrist and elbow and slammed the arm into the ground twice.

The Xavian used all of his strength to hold onto the gun.

The android continued to pound the spy’s arm into the ground, picking up the pace as it did so. WahNoohi twisted his wrist as much as he could and fired a desperate shot at the android.

The hopeful shot struck the android in the left side of its neck.

The android froze for a moment. Then its head jumped to the left in a spasm. Its left hand clenched down on WahNoohi’s wrist so tight that he heard the bone break. All he could do was yell out in pain at the top of his lungs.

In the vast amount of pain, the Xavian accidently fired another shot. A misfire that only burned a black spot into the white-painted ceiling.

The shot set the android off on a higher level of alert and defense.

The android wasted no more time trying to beat the gun out of his hand. It had a different plan in its head now.

With a tight grip and a lightning fast twist, the android separated WahNoohi’s right forearm from the rest of his body. The Xavian let out another bloodcurdling cry as the android jumped to its feet and dashed out of the cabin with the forearm. It did not bother opening the front door – it smashed through the door.

WahNoohi blacked out, bleeding out onto the cabin floor.


cover design

Cover designed by Cecil-Marie McGregor.